February 22, 2006


Post-partisanship. That's what I advocate. I think this country has evolved so that political parties are either altogether unnecessary or can be relegated to a distinctly minor role in the political process. The enormous talent, effort, and, most of all, energy that is wasted by desperately adhering to the commands of a political party -- any political party -- is one of, if not the main reason, that the political process in the United States is so corrupt. Think about it: Of our two most recent presidents, one was impeached and the other should be impeached. I simply don't see how anyone can argue that the increasingly rabid partisanship demonstrated across the political spectrum is beneficial in any way. Indeed, in my view, the ferocity that increasingly attends partisan organizations is precisely what allows for the political ascension of the morally compromised and the mediocre. Demagogues thrive on that kind of energy. If you think the American political system is working just fine, then, by all means, delve even deeper into partisanship. If, on the other hand, you believe, as I do, that partisanship and political parties are part of the problem, then post-partisanship may be the way to go. People should think for themselves; not think as they are instructed to do so by some political hack overseer. Tools like the internet can make post-partisanship possible.


Blogger KeithM, Indy said...

I've always wondered if the money spent on campaigning, supporting issues, etc, couldn't be better used to actually solve problems instead of propping up the current scheme of things.

The last election I threw money at several Presidential candidates.

Nader on principle, because he deserved as much chance as anyone to be on the ballot. And so, since there was an active effort oppossing him, I threw a very small amount to him.

The Libertarian and Constitutional candidates because they are closer to my philisophical leanings.

Now, I didn't believe for a minute that any of those three had any chance at getting elected. But, people ought to have more choices. Only by doing that can we possibly hope to have better choices in the future.

And President Bush, because at that time, he was the better choice for maintaining our national security.

Not exactly the most efficient use of my money. But, heh, it's only money. This year, nobodys gotten any money yet. Other then some issue groups like the NRA.

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